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How Review0 Works for Service Providers - A Comprehensive Guide

How Review0 Works for Service Providers

Review0 is a Search Engine and Decision Engine for Authors. If you're a Service Provider then Review0 works for you as a combination of
  1. A Search Engine that Authors use to find Service Providers. So Review0 will help connect prospective customers with you in the exact manner that a Search Engine like Google or Bing or Yahoo would
  2. A Decision Engine that authors use to decide which Service Provider to use. This is similar to how Zagat and the Michelin Guide help people decide where to eat
Review0 is basically a Customer Acquisition Engine for Service Providers

In addition to being a source of customers/clients, Review0 is an Improvement Engine for Service Providers. Review0 can help Service Providers to
  1. Better understand their Market
  2. Better understand their Customers
  3. Become better Service Providers
When used right, Review0 will help you become better at customer acquisition, customer retention, and at your core competencies

What is Review0?

Review0 is a Search Engine and Decision Engine for Authors. This makes it a great Customer Acquisition Engine for Service Providers

The #1 thing you should be looking to gain from Review0 are Customers of Good Intent, who
  1. Have Good Intent of creating a Win-Win relationship with you
  2. Have Good Intent and actually purchase your services
  3. Become long term customers and a consistent source of revenue (while consistently getting great value from the services you provide)
  4. Gain you new customers via Word of Mouth and via Reviews and Testimonials at Review0
  5. Who are profitable i.e. they make you more money than it costs you to provide services to them
  6. Have loyalty to you and become your External Sales Team and Evangelists for you (in the best case)
The best way to benefit from Review0 (if you're a Service Provider) is to use it as a Customer Acquisition Engine and to focus 100% on Customers of Good Intent who will become life long customers while being profitable customers

How Review0 Works

Review0 works as a combination of
  1. A Search Engine - where Authors can simply type in what they are looking for, and get a list of Search Results
  2. A Decision Engine - where Authors can read up on a particular market area and figure out which are the best service providers in that market area
  3. A Review Site - where Authors can read reviews on one or more service providers they are considering, and then make an informed decision on who to work with
  4. A Pre-Sales Site - where Authors can get a lot of information and insights on a market area or a particular Service Provider
Basically, Authors come to Review0 and search for what they are looking for. They also browse through the different sections and lists and discover new Service Providers

How Best to Use Review0 (for Service Providers who are paying customers)

As a Service Provider you should use Review0 in the following ways (please note that these features are only available to paying customers)
  1. Use Review0 reviews on your website to increase sales conversion. Please Note: Only paying Review0 members can use customer reviews from Review0 on their website
  2. Use Review0 Verified trust badge on your website to increase authors' trust in you
  3. Make sure to fill out as much detail as possible on your official Review0 page so that potential customers can get answers for all their questions about you and your services
  4. Be very specific in who your ideal customers are, what market segment you target (what genres and what price range), and what exactly your services are
  5. Offer some deal or special benefit to Review0 customers
  6. Route your must trusted and loyal customers to Review0 to leave reviews for you
  7. Please ensure all reviews are 100% honest. Please do not offer any incentives or discounts for leaving reviews as that is against the Terms of Service of using Review0
  8. Please do not 'buy' fake reviews and please do not bribe existing customers to leave reviews by offering cash incentives. Acquiring reviews via illegal means will get you a lifetime ban
  9. If you're subscribed to the Data Intelligence and/or Business Intelligence membership levels then use the Data and Business Intelligence and Analysis to fine tune your business and your product offerings
  10. Measure as much as possible. How many visitors are you getting on your Review0 page? How many of them are visiting your website? How many are buying your services? Peter Drucker was right - What Gets Measured Gets Managed
  11. Add a link to your email newsletter on your website. Make sure to include all your existing customers on this email list. It's imperative to have a way of contacting all your existing and past customers easily and conveniently
  12. Study the Review0 pages for your Market Space. Study the Review0 pages for other companies in your market space. Figure out best practices. Figure out who is doing what right. Incorporate any really good ideas you find into your own products and services
Review0 provides you with a very good snapshot of the state of your market. By seeing where you are, and where other companies are, and where the market is, you can plan for the future. Think of Review0 as primarily a mix of
  1. A Customer Acquisition Engine for Service Providers
  2. An Improvement Engine for Service Providers

How are Service Providers selected for Review0

Selection criteria for Service Providers are very simple
  1. Being very good at what you do - This is the single most important criteria. Excellence above all else
  2. 100% Honesty and Integrity towards Authors
  3. 100% Honesty and Integrity towards Review0
  4. Good Reliable Services and Products that work
  5. Prices that are reasonable given the market space, the segment of the market you are catering to, and what the product or service is. It's completely OK to charge high end prices PROVIDED you actually deliver high end services and products
  6. 100% Honesty with Yourself - Self Awareness of your strengths and weaknesses and how good you are. Anyone in the Unconscious Incompetence stage will not be approved. Unconscious Incompetence -
  7. Tangible Services and Products that add some actual value to authors. Whether value is added directly or indirectly is fine. However, it must be services that add concrete value
  8. All of the following areas should be very well described and explained on your website - Prices, Physical Location, Company Information, Refund Policy, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy
  9. Common Courtesy to Authors and Review0
  10. Agreeing to Follow the Rules of Review0, and then actually following them
For every market area we have picked 5 to 15 of the very best Service Providers as Curated Picks. These form the core of that market area on Review0

We accept additional service providers in that market area if they
  1. Provide high quality services
  2. Are improving their services and working towards becoming one of the best in their market area
  3. Are legitimate businesses
  4. Meet the above listed inclusion criteria
  5. Are 100% Honest in their dealings with Clients
Please Note: Curated Picks do not get the same benefits as Service Providers who are paying customers of Review0. Curated Picks are free to sign up as paying customers to get the same benefits

How Are Authors Selected for Review0

We have very similar criteria for Authors as we do for Service Providers. The one big difference is that there is no 'one of the best at what they do' criteria for Authors. Authors must meet the following criteria to get into Review0 -
  1. 100% Integrity and Honesty towards Service Providers
  2. Good Intent i.e. Authors who actually buy services from Service Providers regularly
  3. Good Intent i.e. Authors who are willing to create win-win relationships with Service Providers
  4. 100% Honesty with Yourself. We will reject authors who are in the unconscious incompetence stage
  5. Common Courtesy to Service Providers
  6. Absolutely no defamation or attacks against service providers in general and Review0 clients in particular. Authors who make threats or do unwarranted disputes or start witch hunts against service providers will either not be allowed into Review0 or be kicked out. Please feel free to let us know if some author starts a witch hunt against you
  7. Reasonable Expectations - We will either not approve, or kick out, authors who try to make Service Providers work for free or very cheap unsustainable prices. Same with authors who expect their editor to do 10 rounds of editing when they bought 2 rounds of editing
  8. Following all the Review0 rules
We focus on the 95% to 98% of authors that are great to work with, and try to keep out (to the greatest extent possible) the 2% to 5% who make everyone's life miserable

How are Reviews approved for Review0

After an author submits a Review, a real human being from the Review0 team reads it and approves it if it meets our approval criteria

Please Note: Service Providers are not allowed to review another Service Provider. Additionally, Authors who sell services to Authors cannot join as an Author member at Review0. If you are a Service Provider please do not review any service for Authors. You can either be a Service Provider at Review0, or you can be an Author. You cannot be both. Only Authors are allowed to add reviews for Service Providers

Here are the Reviews that will get approved
  1. Reviews that have good information and a good list of pros and cons of the service and/or service provider
  2. Reviews that provide some unique and/or important information about the market area or about the service provider
  3. Reviews that are comprehensive and/or cover some product or service offered by the service provider that isn't yet reviewed
If a Review adds value to other authors and to Review0, it will almost certainly be approved

Reviews that get rejected
  1. Any reviews that attack a Service Provider. We absolutely do not allow attacks and witch hunts
  2. Unbalanced Reviews. Any review that only lists cons and has nothing good to say
  3. Fake Reviews. Reviews that are overly positive and glowing. Reviews that show up in bunches and all say the same thing. Any reviews that are fake or have a very high probability of being fake will be rejected
  4. Reviews from Friends, Family Members and Colleagues
  5. Legally Contentious Reviews. Any review that makes claims that are legally or ethically dubious will be rejected
  6. Odious Comparisons. Reviews that focus more on other service providers and on apples and oranges comparisons will be rejected. Reviews must primarily cover the service provider they are written for
  7. Reviews from people who got the product for free. Reviews must be only from customers who paid for the product
If you are a Service Provider and have any questions about How Review0 works for Service Providers, please feel free to email us at

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